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The software industry is in a mess for various reasons, partly because of financial interests of companies or individuals, partly because of the compromises that have to be made when explaining complex concepts in books, articles or conferences. This is my attempt to explain some of the concepts from the software industry which I'm enthusiastic about, as well as to guide novice programmers on their path to growth.

I have been working in the software industry profesionally for over 15 years, and wearing many hats, from an individual contributor as a programmer, to DevOps, consultant, fire extinguisher, agile coach, scrum master, software architect and CTO, the latter being my current title.

Everything I express on this website are my own opinions and not those of my current employer or any of my past clients or employers.

Flavius Aspra
Flavius Aspra




Areas of interest

  • Career growth for programmers
    interviewing, getting promoted, growing your skills, solving real problems quickly, delivering value
  • Software Architecture and Design
    architecture, design, how to make compromises
  • Development Processes
    agile, lean, risk management, managing technical debt, expectations, knowledge

Me around the web

  • github
  • linkedin
  • codementor
  • stackoverflow

Your Persona

Based on who you are and your interests and areas you want to improve, there are various landing pages aimed at giving you the most compact view of the content. I call these personas. Please select the persona you identify yourself as best:

  • interested: you're interested in programming, but you've never written a piece of code, or you've written too little and you're still "confused" by this whole "coding thing"
  • beginner: you've learned the basics, have just started a job or you're in the process of applying for a job
  • medium: you have some years of professional experience, and you're looking for growing your career and learning and refining your technical skills
  • senior: you have around 10 years of experience, you've lived through a diverse set of experiences on all levels (organizations, technologies, teams, projects)
  • leader: you have led teams and/or projects