Interview advices

  1. make your skill matrix
  2. be truthful
  3. do not interpret a question such that you can put yourself in a better light

1. Make your skill matrix

Read about a properly made Skill Matrix and present one.

2. Be truthful

Answer the questions in a honest way. You can assume that the person interviewing you has interviewed many people in the past and can recognize when you're not truthful.

3. Do not interpret questions

If you don't understand a question, ask the interviewer to explain their question. Do not rush to answer.

For me, one of the biggest warning signals is seeing my question being interpreted or avoided in a way, such that the interviewee puts himself in a better light.

This is similar to the previous advice: be truthful. Do not dodge the question, face it. It's better to acknowledge that you don't know or to ask for more time to think about it (until the end of the interview).