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Challenges of a software engineer

If you are a mid-level software engineer, you might want to pay attention to the following challenges on your way to a senior software engineer.

  1. not looking close enough at the real thing (logs, debug mode, verbose, dry run, dark releases) and not knowing how things work
  2. overengineering: too many abstractions, too many moving parts
  3. agile process: getting something done instead of everything, doing proper code reviews (not just cosmetics), being a friend of the backlog, fighting for prioritizing, user story mapping

Let's clarify some of these aspects

Looking at the real thing

- knowing where and how to look (knowing how things work) - knowing the tools availableand how to use them, at the code level, at the system level, etc

Knowing how things work

- helps with the previous point


- unnecessary abstractions

Getting some things done

- making some improvement, and putting the rest to the backog - then fighting to get the newly created story up in the backlog

Code reviews

- without creating tension, taking the progress of people into account